How We Do It

A New Perspective

The model is simple. Recruit the best, most experienced team possible and let them innovate in every aspect of the business. National MI innovates based on practices they see working – and not working – across the industry. In addition, National MI has added process innovations and advances in many dimensions of service delivery and technology.

Industry Innovation
National MI’s certainty of coverage is made possible through our innovative approach to risk management. By reviewing every loan, National MI understands the aggregated risk profile of our entire portfolio. This more precise understanding of risk will also allow National MI to continue to innovate and introduce new products and programs. For lenders, National MI’s clear view to risk also lends transparency to each lender’s own risk profile, and assesses their risk characteristics and performance against that of their peers through periodic account reviews.

Product Innovation
National MI has developed insurance products to meet the evolving needs of the mortgage marketplace. We provide a variety of options to find a product to meet your needs. Because we review every loan through our unique underwriting review process, we can offer an array of tailored product offerings that match each lender’s customer profile.

Technology Innovation
National MI has assembled leading technology experts who have first-hand knowledge of existing mortgage insurance systems, along with experts who are adept at developing and integrating cutting-edge systems – to create and deliver the next-generation in MI technology. The result is an end-to-end MI platform that encompasses lender interactions with National MI within a single experience/log in, from underwriting through servicing through claims. Because of our innovative platform, National MI will not be hampered by legacy systems built on outdated technologies.

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