National MI presents: Your Sales Doctors podcasts

Growing a successful mortgage team takes something special in today’s competitive environment. Each week this 20-minute program examines potential strategies to the current sales and sales management challenges. Hosted by Pat Sherlock and Bobby Welch.

Your Hosts:

Pat Sherlock
Founder/President, QFS Sales Solutions

Bobby Welch
Founder, Mortgage Leadership Network


3/20/2018 – Sales Apps That Help You Prospect
There are a host of apps that can help you in your sales prospecting. From apps that help you figure out any individual’s email address, to apps that help you send quick video messages to uploaded contact lists, listen in to learn about tools that can help you reach more prospects efficiently.

2/21/2018 – 3 Steps to Building a Successful Sales Action Plan
Developing a sales action plan can help individuals and teams determine the scale and scope of activity that needs to be accomplished each day in order to be successful. Listen in to learn the 3 steps to create your plan and incorporate target, activity, and personal development goals to help you gain more business.

1/23/2018 – 3 Great Questions for Productive Client Conversations
Good questions are more powerful than great statements. Employing curiosity and asking questions can help you master the art of listening, which will help you sell. Listen in to learn about 3 great questions to help guide your conversations with clients, prospects and referral partners.

12/13/2017 – 3 Simple Ways to Put Yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time
With 40% of mortgage originators doing 80% of the volume, it may seem that they are lucky to be in the right place at the right time. But you can make your own “luck.” Listen in to learn about the 3 keys to jumpstarting your production: proximity, preparation, and persistence.

11/21/2017 – How to Increase Your Productivity by 300%
Habits control 40% of what we get done in a day. Learn how to work smarter and not harder by developing focus and productivity habits that will help you spend more time prospecting new business, and get more done in a shorter block of time. Listen in to gain insight into managing time in conjunction with your attention and energy.