National MI TrueSolutions

Introducing National MI TrueSolutions®


Our unique suite of mortgage insurance solutions brings superior value to our clients every step of the way. Together, our products and services are your road map to a more transparent and efficient way of doing business.

National MI SafeGuard®
As one of the best capitalized mortgage insurers in the industry with no legacy risk, National MI SafeGuard solution provides predictable risk decisions and an unparalleled confidence of coverage. Our unique master policy is clear and concise – with no surprises or loopholes. After just 12* consecutive, timely mortgage payments, National MI  will not actively investigate a loan unless first-party fraud is presented.  Eliminate buyback risk 2 years sooner – available NOW on EVERY Loan.

National MI TrueInsight®
Our innovative underwriting approach represents a fresh departure from the industry standard. National MI TrueInsight solution confirms underwriting eligibility, either prior to loan closing in the Non-delegated channel or during a post-close review in the Delegated channel.  This translates into a shorter path to coverage certainty from Day 1, and faster feedback on loan eligibility to help reduce loan buybacks and rescissions.

National MI TrueGuide®
Our underwriting guidelines establish a clear path to insuring your loans. National MI TrueGuide reflects our clear and straightforward eligibility requirements that are easy to follow, with just a few overlays.

National MI AXIS
Our all-new “Advanced Exchange and Information System” is a progressive, end-to-end platform that enables you to manage your loans from origination and underwriting to servicing and coverage termination or claim.

*Previously, National MI was the only MI company to offer rescission relief after 18 months.  Pending states’ approval, this period has been condensed to 12 months.  Go to Press and News for more details.

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