Underwriting Overview

Discover a new approach


Discover National MI TrueInsight®. Our team believes that lenders should be able to choose how they manage their loan production.

Regardless of whether National MI or the lender underwrites, you get the same pricing, guidelines and coverage. There are no penalties, added costs, or impact to guideline parameters.  Lenders can depend on a reliable approach to underwriting decisions with no surprises or hidden agendas.

Supports Delegated and Non-Delegated Channels

National MI supports both Delegated and Non-Delegated channels.  You can choose how you manage your loans.

More Confidence

  • For approved loans1, coverage will not be rescinded or denied based on the original approved underwriting of the loan, including the appraisal.
  • Included in our innovative underwriting approach is a review of every loan – so you can be ATR Confident2.
Non-Delegated Underwriting

If you choose to take the underwriting task off your hands and put it into ours, we apply the same rulebook to the Non-Delegated process as we do to the Delegated process. At National MI, the confidence of coverage that comes from a clear view of risk is our ultimate end goal – regardless of who does the underwriting.

  • You can be assured that our underwriting decisions take a balanced approach to risk, backed by the local market knowledge of the seasoned underwriters assigned to your loan submissions.

Non-Delegated Underwriting offers:

  • Scalable underwriting approach ensures consistent, fast turnaround times.
  • You can retain the control of selecting the underwriting approach that best aligns with your business process.

Helps you:

  • Gain confidence of coverage and a clearer view of risk
  • Reduce buybacks and rescissions
  • Control loan manufacturing defects

To get started, contact your Sales Advisor and view the Non-Delegated Required Documents List.

Contract Underwriting – Flow Underwriting Services

We help lenders during peak times with speed and efficiency.

National MI offers Centralized Loan Review Services (flow underwriting) for the flexibility of maximizing capacity as lenders need it, via our easy-to-use contract underwriting platform powered by BlitzDocs®.

We underwrite your loans quickly to enhance your productivity in the following ways:

  • Mortgage Insurance (MI) eligibility
  • Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac (GSE) compliance

National MI Advantages:

  • Expand underwriting capacity
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Improve turnaround time

Whether you have just too many files to handle in-house or routinely send MI files to contract underwriting, we are here to help. Contact your National MI Sales Advisor to learn more.

Centralized Loan Review Services are provided by NMI Services, Inc. via the BlitzDocs platform.
BlitzDocs is a registered trademark of Conduent Business Services, LLC.

Delegated Underwriting

From its inception, National MI has taken a different approach than other MI providers.  Instead of reviewing a sample of loans long after the close, National MI reviews every loan shortly after closing to provide a clearer view of risk.

  • You can depend on a common sense approach to underwriting decisions with no surprises or hidden agendas.

Delegated Assurance Review: 

  • Day 1 Coverage – upfront reviews of your files
  • Rescission relief after 12 months
  • Trends analysis and feedback
  • Eliminate traditional MI quality control audits

Once approved, coverage will never be denied based on the original approved underwriting of the loan (including the appraisal).

Our Delegated process provides an upfront underwriting review that assists with your loan manufacturing quality in order to provide more confidence to meet GSE and ATR requirements.

Helps you:

  • Gain immediate confidence of loan eligibility and coverage
  • Reduce buybacks and rescissions
  • Control loan manufacturing defects
  • Eliminate the hassle of future quality control audits

To get started contact your Sales Advisor and view the Delegated Required Documents List.

View Non-Delegated and Delegated loan submissions options.

1“Approved” defined as Non-Delegated “Approved” or Delegated Assurance Review “Insurable”. Assumes loan otherwise meets National MI’s master policy coverage, eligibility and claims perfection requirements. Insurance will remain in force presuming Servicer continues to remit required payments.

2 National MI TrueInsight is not a contract underwriting function. National MI is not a creditor subject to the Dodd-Frank Ability-To-Repay (ATR) determination requirements, and National MI’s underwriting review is not intended to satisfy the lender’s independent responsibility for complying with regulatory or investor requirements. National MI relies on the Insured’s loan documentation and National MI does not perform re-verifications. Refer to National MI’s Underwriting Guideline Manual and Master Policy for a complete description of policies and requirements.


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