Non-Delegated Lenders:


You can be assured that our underwriting decisions take a balanced approach to risk, backed by the local market knowledge of the seasoned underwriters assigned to your loan submissions.  Get confidence of coverage that comes from a clear view of risk – regardless of who does the underwriting.

Non-Delegated Underwriting offers:

  • Scalable underwriting approach ensures consistent, fast turnaround times.
  • You can retain the control of selecting the underwriting approach that best aligns with your business process.

Helps you:

  • Gain confidence of coverage and a clearer view of risk
  • Reduce buybacks and rescissions
  • Control loan manufacturing defects
Non-Delegated Underwriting – Ways to Submit:
  1. Please view the Non-Delegated Required Documents List
  2. Choose from the various loan document submissions options:

View Ways to Submit Non-Delegated Underwriting Files

Non-Delegated – 12 Month Rescission Relief

Great News. Your Non-Delegated underwriting program that currently receives the protection of National MI SafeGuard®12 Month Rescission Relief is here to stay.

Starting November 1, 2015, new loans can retain the benefits of 12 month rescission relief by just including these 4 documents:

  1. Closing Disclosure
  2. Note
  3. Mortgage (Deed of Trust)
  4. Title Insurance Commitment

Continue to enjoy the National MI SafeGuard benefits:

To maintain your SafeGuard 12 month protection, contact your National MI Sales Advisor or Solution Center at 855.317.4NMI (4664) between 5am and 5pm PT (M-F).

Non-Delegated lenders will have 60 days from the loan closed date to submit their 4 documents in order to receive SafeGuard 12 months rescission relief. National MI will send reminders to ensure you’re covered.

Fast Turnaround with Priority UnderwriteSM

National MI routinely delivers decisions within 24 hours.


  • Commitment to fast turnaround time
  • Faster responses with no conditional approvals issued (no need for you to follow up)
  • For full-file, Non-Delegated applications, we often deliver decisions averaging 8 business hours

We will contact you on every loan decision, and deliver a superior customer experience to further
build our relationship with you.