Non-Delegated Underwriting

Non-Delegated Underwriting

Great news, your non-delegated underwriting program that currently receives the protection of National MI SafeGuard® 12 Month Rescission Relief is here to stay.

With National MI’s SafeGuard program, you no longer need to provide post-closing documents on 100% of your non-delegated loans to receive rescission relief after 12 timely payments. Instead, you’ll only need to deliver post-closing documents on a small sample for review by National MI’s Quality Control Department. Refer to National MI’s Rescission Relief Guide for details about Quality Control.

Fast Turnaround with Priority Underwrite®

We’re committed to fast turnaround times and routinely deliver decisions within 24 hours.

  • Faster responses with no conditional approvals issued (no need for you to follow up)
  • For full-file, non-delegated applications, we often deliver decisions averaging less than 8 business hours