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Recorded Millennial Webinars:

Essential Guide to Social Media for Mortgage Professionals
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  • Social media is an essential communication and branding tool for business professionals. In this interactive webinar, Kristin Messerli of Cultural Outreach Solutions, who specializes in helping companies in mortgage and real estate to better reach today’s young and diverse homebuyers, will guide attendees through using the most productive social media platforms for mortgage professionals, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Whether a beginner or advanced social media user, participants will benefit from an understanding of best practices and productivity hacks that will help them leverage these platforms to increase sales, improve customer service, and build their digital brand.
Multicultural Marketing for Mortgage Professionals
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  • Multicultural consumers have rapidly become the core of America’s population. Today, Asian American, African American, and Hispanic/Latino consumers alone account for over 38% of the U.S. population and have expansive buying power. It is vital to understand the unique consumer habits, beliefs and perceptions that inform their decisions on who they want to do business with, and how. Preferences in communication and marketing have created unique barriers to reaching them. In this 1-hr session, participants will learn practical differences in the consumer experience, pertinent cross-cultural communication skills, and actionable strategies to capture more mortgage business from these segments.
Reaching the Hispanic/Latino Homebuyer
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  • Hispanics accounted for 69% of the growth in homeownership last year. Next year, they are expected to increase their market share significantly. While Hispanic homebuyers present an opportunity for mortgage and real estate professionals, they also require a keen understanding of marketing and customer service preferences that are specific to them. In this 1-hr session, participants will gain an understanding of critical buyer nuances, and how to use practical steps to develop a winning strategy with Hispanic Millennials, Hispanic Gen Xers and Hispanic Baby Boomers.
Innovative Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Business
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  • Leveraging platforms such as Facebook Live, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Meetup is critical to taking advantage of consumers’ always connected lifestyles. In this session, mortgage professionals can learn about these social platforms and how to use them to increase business. Participants will gain an understanding of the most cutting-edge platforms and how to leverage them to increase sales, build their digital brand, and deliver a superior customer experience.
How Credit Unions Can Win Millennial Loyalty
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  • Millennials demonstrate unique purchasing preferences that must be understood in order to capture their business, and Credit Unions are in a unique position as a trusted community resource to win Millennial loyalty.  Millennials often want to collaborate with the brands and companies they choose to affiliate themselves with, and don’t necessarily see a clear boundary between customers and service providers.  Millennials currently account for one in three home purchases and this rate is expected to increase in the coming years.  In this session, Credit Union participants will gain critical insights into the mindset of a Millennial homebuyer and learn how to leverage new and modern practices, including interacting on mobile devices and social media to capture more Millennial business.
National MI presents: What’s HOT and What’s NOT on Social Media
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  • Communicating with Millennials in today’s “participatory economy,” in which customers are actively engaged with businesses and providers on social media and expect two-way communication, requires learning how to engage with Millennials on social media.  In this 1-hour session, participants will learn what’s hot and what’s not on social media, and best practices for how to communicate effectively and improve business with Millennials on social media.
National MI presents: Millennials in the Workforce
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  • Recruiting and retaining the next generation of younger talent is increasingly important as the average age of providers in the mortgage industry continues to rise. In this 1-hour session for managers, participants will learn how to navigate the workplace dynamics between Millennials and other generations in their organization, which recruitment tactics will prove most effective in sourcing talent, and how to develop a loyal workforce of Millennial employees.
National MI presents: The Key to Increasing Production with Millennials
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  • Millennials exhibit unique purchasing behaviors, and they are demanding a change in industry standards for marketing and customer service due to their specific preferences. In this 1-hour session, participants will learn how to assess their brand, marketing and customer service experience and learn the practical steps to take to optimize their customer journey and create a winning strategy targeted to Millennial homebuyers.


Upcoming Millennial Webinars:

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