97 LTV

Homeownership for All – 97% LTVs

3% Down is All That’s Needed

National MI has always supported the market for first-time homebuyers. National MI offers competitive options for 97% LTVs (Standard 97s with the 3% down payment option) by helping borrowers to realize homeownership — quickly.

With a little money saved, good credit and income, homeownership is in sight. Our programs for low down payment homebuyers present a very viable alternative to FHA.

With National MI, a borrower can expect:

  • Only 3% down, less cash to close
  • MI cancellation allowed
  • No income or census tract restrictions
  • Only one borrower must be first-time homebuyer

All of these considerations are important to helping the current generation of homebuyers get into their first home.

Please refer to National MI TrueGuide for complete guidelines.