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National MI AXIS: Our integrated online approach

National MI AXIS

National MI AXIS – The Next Generation in MI Technology

National MI AXIS (Advanced Exchange and Information System) provides an interactive platform that is unmatched in the MI marketplace – from ordering, through underwriting, servicing and claims. We offer single sign-on and an easier online application to order mortgage insurance.

Now with National MI AXIS, you can navigate MI ordering and obtain your National MI Commitment Certificate quickly:

  • An MI application can be completed in any order you choose using the Launchpad interface.
  • Pipeline reports are easily accessible to view progress and maintain visibility of your loans.
  • The ability to set preferences helps to eliminate repetitive and incorrect data entries.

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LOS and PPE Integration:

Partnered with top technology leaders National MI is integrated with key LOS (loan origination systems) and PPE (product eligibility and pricing engine) technologies to make for a seamless experience.


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