Diversity and Inclusion

National MI is:

A company that makes an impact. By bringing innovative mortgage insurance solutions to the market and helping more people get into homes, National MI makes an impact in the lending community, the housing industry, and in the communities in which our employees live and work. Our corporate soul is centered on a rock-solid belief in social responsibility, and the desire to act responsibly and with integrity as an employer, corporate citizen, and good community partner. We believe that our responsibility extends beyond our doors, and we build social capital and enable communities to prosper by encouraging our diverse and talented associates to achieve and experience rich cultures and lifestyles, giving back to our community, and contributing to a global sustainable environment.

Our Vision:

  • To cultivate a corporate soul that thrives in the fair treatment of our diverse and talented associates, in our environmental conscience, in giving back to our communities, and in our sound business practices.
  • To promote activities that deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers, advance the productive development of culture and lifestyles, foster multicultural diversity and inclusiveness in the mortgage industry, and contribute to the achievement of a global sustainable environment.
  • To act responsibly, ethically, and with integrity in how we conduct business as a great employer, corporate citizen, and neighbor.
  • To invest in the societies and economies in which we operate, and improve and support the communities in which we live and work.
“National MI senior leadership and every person here recognizes that diversity of thought, diversity of multigenerational, multiethnic, differently abled – all these perspectives – and different life experiences, contribute to an enhanced and collaborative process that benefits us all. It creates this bond that definitely permeates the company and helps to support a more creative and inclusive environment.”
Anne-Marie Batchelor-Rivers | Vice President, Human Resources

Our Voices

“Early on in the company, I saw how important it was for the executives to talk about culture with employees and what kind of company we wanted to build, and that’s continued. We’ve written a corporate “In Our House” culture statement, and we continue to focus on it.”
Jim | Risk Management
“By working in an environment that is inclusive, our employees demonstrate a high degree of tolerance and respect for the open exchange of ideas. It is through this open exchange that each individual is empowered to directly impact the growth and success of the company.”
Nicole | Legal
“Diversity here at National MI is not just about race. It’s about ideas. It’s about process. It’s about how we can make ourselves a better company. It’s being different and being successful, and doing what we love.”
Lorraine | Information Technology
“You get the opportunity to speak with people in leadership and they ask you what you want to do and where you want to go in your professional career.”
Paulino | Solution Center
“NMI is a small company with great benefits and a bigger heart. You’re not just an employee, you’re part of something big and you’re valued and looked after.”
Bhavi | Information Technology
“Diversity is how success is achieved. The combined intelligence, spirit and creativity of diverse people fosters learning and growth. When employees come from diverse backgrounds it helps us to solve unique business challenges.”
Nyawira | Information Technology