National MI University presents: 2023 State of the Mortgage Industry Half-Time Report Insights with Kristin Messerli and Dave Savage

10:00am (PT)
Join us for an illuminating session as industry leaders, Kristin Messerli of FirstHome IQ and Dave Savage of TrustEngine, share key insights from the 2023 Half-Time Report. After interviewing over 25 top-notch industry experts, Kristin and Dave have compiled a wealth of information and insights that have the potential to reshape our understanding of the current market and provide practical guidance for gaining market share in 2023 and beyond.
Join Kristin and Dave as they share highlights like:
• A deep dive into the significant findings from the 2023 Half-Time Report
• Emerging market trends and opportunities for mortgage professionals to leverage
• Practical strategies and tools for gaining market share
• A detailed discussion on overcoming challenges in the mortgage industry
• An interactive Q&A session with Kristin and Dave
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Sep 07 2023

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