Rate GPS

Granular Pricing System

National MI is excited to bring you the latest in risk-based pricing technology — Rate GPS. It offers an innovative way to get very competitive rates for your borrowers with National MI’s Rate GPS.

Our new risk based pricing system uses risk intelligence to deliver rates based on individual loan characteristics. It’s a more granular way of pricing based on multiple factors specific to your borrower’s situation, and will help you gain more business from well-qualified homebuyers.

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Getting a Rate GPS Rate Quote

You can access these rates via our National MI AXIS application, Rate Finder, and most industry LOS and pricing engines. See our Technology Partners page for a complete list of our LOS/PPE Rate GPS integrations.

It’s Easy with Rate Finder

Get Rate GPS pricing via our handy Rate Finder tool on our website and mobile app. With just a few additional fields to enter (including your Master Policy number), you will secure a quick and easy rate quote for your borrower, as you’ve come to expect with Rate Finder.

Just print or save the rate quote PDF in the loan file, it’s that easy.

Need help locating your Master Policy number?

Contact the National MI Solution Center at 855.317.4NMI (4664) or solutioncenter@nationalmi.com. Contact your local Sales Advisor to learn more about Rate GPS.