Ironclad Report

Your Exclusive National MI Safeguard® Ironclad Report


Only with National MI do you receive a National MI SafeGuard® Ironclad report detailing your loans that have achieved 12 months rescission relief.

With National MI SafeGuard®, your loans are covered after 12 months.

Sample 12 months rescission relief report.*

Rescission relief with these advantages:

  1. You’re covered. National MI will not rescind a policy or deny a claim even if borrower misrepresentation related to the underwriting of the loan is uncovered;
  2. No investigation. National MI will not open an investigation looking for First Party misrepresentation related to the origination and closing of the loan unless credible evidence of fraud has been presented to us; and
  3. Reduce your buy-back risk. Reduced likelihood of a First Party misrepresentation investigation.


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