Sensible Servicing

Sensible Servicing

National MI has taken a thoughtful and balanced approach to how we service your business and work with you. To us, it is not just a file, an account, or a policy – every loan is someone’s life. We listen and express care and concern in our interactions with you to achieve resolution. It is about relationships and conversations that count, whether it concerns a policy update, a payment, or documentation. We deliver insurance, but also grasp the bigger picture of how that insurance impacts peoples’ lives.
Committed to Sensible Servicing®
In addition to the terms contained in our Master Policy, National MI is committed to our Sensible Servicing philosophy in the servicing of insured loans:

  • National MI is positioned to support the latest GSE Rescission Relief Principles that improve clarity and enable earlier rescission relief.
  • National MI does not rely on immaterial loan defects as a way of denying claims – our intent is to keep insurance in place where possible.
  • Life events, such as job loss, divorce, or death, happen and should not drive investigations or rescissions of coverage.
  • National MI is not simply ticking off a loan servicing checklist or matrix. We take into account that every loan is your borrower’s home, and we understand life situations.
  • Decisions are not made in a vacuum -- multi-level and multi-department validation of decisions ensure a cohesive and balanced approach to providing accurate and creative solutions.
We provide flexible rescission relief options that provides rescission relief in less than 12 months after successful Independent Validation is completed. For more information, please visit our Master Policy Resources page.
  • Consideration of delinquencies involving borrower hardships triggered by “life events,” such as job loss, divorce or death
  • One Certificate with identical coverage and guidelines

For a full description of terms and requirements, please refer to National MI’s Master Policy, Underwriting Guideline Manual, Servicing Guide, and Rescission Relief Guide.

National MI is not a creditor subject to the Dodd-Frank Ability-To-Repay (ATR) determination requirements, and National MI’s underwriting review is not intended to satisfy the Lender’s independent responsibility for complying with regulatory or investor requirements. National MI relies on the Insured’s loan documentation.