Policy Servicing

Policy Servicing

We understand each Servicer’s unique business practices and are committed to helping Servicers maintain an up-to-date and accurate portfolio. Our Policy Servicing team is here to assist you with a wide range of inquiries, including questions relating to coverage activation, billing and payment options, or general certificate servicing.
Please refer to National MI’s COVID-19 Servicer Reporting Requirements for more information regarding National MI’s Servicing support.

Master Policy Administration:

  • Request Servicing approval be added to an existing Origination Master Policy
  • Request a Servicing – Only Master Policy
  • Servicers must be approved by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FDIC, or NCUA in order to qualify to be an approved servicer with National MI

Activation Options: How to activate your National MI Certificate

  • Email the Loan Closed Date to National MI
Standard Monthly, Single, or Annual:
  • Mail completed Commitment/Certificate along with the Initial Premium

  • National MI supports the receipt of wire transfers or Automated Clearing House (ACH) and checks
  • For instructions on how to submit your electronic payment please email servicing@nationalmi.com
  • Please send all check payments with a copy of the completed Commitment/Certificate to:
National Mortgage Insurance Corporation

General Payments:
PO Box 660849
Dallas, TX 75266-0849

Overnight Payments:
2975 Regent Blvd, Suite 100
Lockbox 660849
Irving, TX 75063

In order to receive National MI's 12-month rescission relief on the Closing Disclosure/Closing Documents, please contact the National MI Solution Center to facilitate submissions via ShareFile, our simple and secure file transfer platform OR if your company is set up to transmit and receive emails through our seamless TLS email communication, you can simply email your closing documents to: ndclosingdocs@nationalmi.com
Once National MI has received and reviewed your closing documents, we will provide you with a notification.
Reaching our Solution Center to set up ShareFile or confirm your company has been TSL approved:
Call 855.317.4NMI (4664) between 5am and 5pm PT (M-F)

Email our Policy Servicing team at servicing@nationalmi.com or call us at 855-317-4NMI(4664) for assistance to:
View National MI Resources for questions and answers related to our Master Policy.