Underwriting Options

Underwriting Options

Our team believes that lenders should be able to choose how they manage their loan production.
You can be assured that our underwriting decisions take a balanced approach to risk, backed by the local market knowledge of the seasoned underwriters assigned to your loan submissions.

Supports Delegated and Non-Delegated Channels

At National MI, the confidence of coverage that comes from a clear view of risk is our ultimate end goal – regardless of who does the underwriting.

delegated underwriting

With delegated underwriting, we provide lenders with the assurance and flexibility they need to originate more loans. We are excited to offer rescission relief for qualifying loans in less than 12 months after successful Independent Validation is completed. National MI offers common-sense and flexible approach to underwriting decisions with no surprises or hidden agendas.

non-delegated underwriting

With non-delegated underwriting, you receive a scalable underwriting approach that ensures consistent, fast turnaround times while retaining the ability to choose the underwriting approach that best aligns with your business process. This gives you the confidence of coverage with a clearer view of risk along with the ability to control loan manufacturing defects.