Why National MI?

Restoring confidence in the mortgage insurance industry

National MI was built to serve the lending community, the housing industry, and ultimately, our residential communities by helping more people realize the dream of responsible home ownership and restoring confidence in the private mortgage insurance industry.

Capacity and Strength

From building a solid financial position with no legacy risk, to our capacity to insure your new business, National MI has financial strength and stability.  The company evolved out of the ashes of a recession, assembling industry experts, innovative products and systems fostered by a straightforward approach, ensuring confidence in the loans that are placed with us.

Financially Strong – Investment-grade rated company with a low risk to capital ratio and complies with Private Mortgage Insurer Eligibility Rules (PMIERs) effective December 31, 2015

Built to Pay Claims

We are willing and able to pay claims. With National MI SafeGuard®, rescission relief is provided after the borrower makes 12 consecutive, timely payments. We have not engaged in any subversive tactics to rescind coverage and will do the right thing for our customers.

National MI Certificate Distinction

Focused on Your Production Needs
  • National MI provides a higher degree of confidence so you can feel comfortable utilizing either Delegated or Non-Delegated channels
Trusted Partnership
  • Straightforward and transparent Master Policy terms
  • Clear and thorough review of underwriting backed by high-quality standards minimizes buybacks and loan manufacturing defects
Facilitating Home Ownership
  • Injecting private capital to meet homeownership needs in the American mortgage market

Solely forward-focused and poised to write new business

National MI seeks to restore confidence in the private mortgage insurance industry.

Credibility – National MI SafeGuard®: Certainty of Coverage After 12 Months

Our Unique Differentiators Benefits To Our Clients
Shorter Path to Coverage Certainty in 12 Months
Transparency of Coverage
  • Honest and common-sense business approach
  • Our unique master policy reflects clear terms and conditions of coverage
  • Superior coverage: After 12 months, (1)(2) National MI will not rescind insurance coverage for origination defects
  • No surprises; no loopholes

Willing and Able to Pay Claims

We are well-capitalized and will be there to pay your claims.

1Reflects 12 months of consecutive, timely borrower payments (from borrower’s own funds).
2Please refer to National MI’s Master Policy for additional coverage details.


Agility – National MI TrueInsight: Underwriting Approach
Our Unique Differentiators Benefits To Our Clients
An Innovative Underwriting Approach
Non-Delegated and Delegated: Guidelines and Coverage Delegated Assurance Review:

  • Second set of eyes to review every loan
  • Upfront, efficient underwriting feedback
  • More thorough, upfront review
  • Provides a clear line of sight to each insured loan
  • Enhances confidence of loan eligibility and coverage
  • Potential to reduce buybacks
  • Controls loan manufacturing defects
  • Empowers lenders to select the Non-Delegated and Delegated underwriting approach that fits best with their business practices
  • Same Guidelines for Non-Delegated and Delegated Channels.
  • Gain the confidence of a second set of eyes with ATR Confidence.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our Delegated Assurance Review. Allows upfront quality controls in the loan manufacturing process.
  • Added benefits including Sensible ServicingSM and Priority Underwrite®.
Simplicity – National MI TrueGuide®: Straightforward Guidelines
Our Unique Differentiators Benefits To Our Clients
Maximize Business Efficiencies
Flexible and
  • Minimum credit score of 620 for Conforming and Conforming High Balance loans.
  • Gift Funds allowed on Primary Residences & Second Homes.
  • No geographic exclusion or market restrictions.
  • Grow loan volume with National MI’s Fannie Mae DU/Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor℠ Jumbo Loans Program.
  • Get more savings and purchasing power with National MI. A better alternative to FHA.

Ask your Sales Advisor about how you can start taking advantage of our special programs today.

Reliability – National MI AXIS: Advanced Exchange & Information System

Our Unique Differentiators Benefits To Our Clients
Advanced Online MI Platform
Transactional Ease of Use
  • Backed by a progressive online system and a dedicated team of experts to support your business

Please refer to National MI’s Underwriting Guideline Manual and Master Policy for a complete description of policies and requirements.